13 Alligator Comics By Chow Hon Lam That Prove Everyone Is Special

Published 4 years ago

Chow Hon Lam, aka FlyingMouse365, is a Malaysian children book illustrator and comic artist who recently created a series of adorable comic strips featuring an alligator named “Buddy Gator” to prove that even they can be sweet buddies too. “Alligators sometimes give us a scary impression: long mouth, sharp teeth, strong and scary tail,” says the artist. “But I think alligators can be warm and sweet too.”

The artist believes that everyone is born special and that thinking in a positive way can be “something beautiful”. “At the same time, if we think in a negative way, it can be something bad,” adds Chow. “We always have a choice.”

See Chow’s adorable alligator comics in the gallery below!

More info: Instagram | Facebook | behance.net | chowhonlam.com

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#1 Ice-Cream Time

#2 Present

#3 Knitting Is Caring

#4 Make Your Wish

#5 Romantic Night

#6 Have A Lift

#7 Storing Food

#8 Surprise

#9 Calm Down

#10 The Swing

#11 I Look After You, You Look After Me

#12 Rainy Day

#13 Sharing Is Caring

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