30 Funny Comics With Unexpected Endings By Michael Ashton, AKA Light Roast Comics

Published 5 years ago

Michael Ashton is an American comic artist who currently lives in Germany. He is the creator of  ‘Light Roast Comics’ – a series of funny comics with unexpected endings, inspired by the conversations between him and his friends and the ideas he has come up with while out running.

“I personally don’t find vulgar, profane stuff very funny, so I tend to steer clear of those kinds of subjects, sticking with good advice and some savage roasts,” said Michael in an earlier interview. It is important for the artist that his fans have fun reading the comics – otherwise, it’s all a waste of time. A short while ago, Michael never thought he would be drawing comics and delivering roasts but now it has become a significant part of his schedule and he’s having a ton of fun with it. “I hope that my relatively simple example might encourage more people to step out on their own creative limb and try something new,” says the artist.

Check out Michael’s ‘Light Roast Comics’ in the gallery below!

More info: lightroastcomics.com | Facebook | Instagram

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#1 Getting The Last Word

#2 Black Friday Plans

#3 Metal Detector

#4 Magic Word

#5 Why Are We Like This

#6 Revenge Is A Dish

#7 The Real Adult Store

#8 Good Snek

#9 Captain Fabulous

#10 The Hardest Part Of Being An Artist

#11 Realistic High

#12 Activityism

#13 Doctors Hate This Simple Product!

#14 Opinion Aided

#15 Get Those Summer Bods Ready

#16 Come On Lucas

#17 Cursed Realm

#18 Mental Health Awareness

#19 Looking For Someone Who Can Support Me

#20 The Taste You Can Sniff

#21 Bad Cop

#22 Water Boy

#23 Uncle Gene’s Magic Trick

#24 Waiting For The Real World

#25 He’s A Grim Keeper

#26 New Year’s Resolution

#27 The Ancient Code

#28 Friends With Benefits

#29 Attack Of The Hoard

#30 Soccer Power Levels

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