20 Funny Signs Spotted In South Korea That Are Poorly Translated

Published 3 years ago

Joel Marrinan, an Englishman who lives in South Korea, shares some fascinating signs he finds in random places in the country. Not all people in South Korea are good at English but they try their best to translate things. However, some concepts gets lost in translation and they also mix up Korean and English which results in funny or strange sentences. Whenever Joel finds amusing Konglish sentences during his travels, he takes a picture and shares it on his blog.

Do follow Joel’s blog and scroll below to find out the most interesting, hilarious, and weird signs spotted by him in South Korea. He has also offered explanations for some of these signs below.

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#1 Umm… Elsa?

Image source: inmykorea.com

“The owner of this ice cream shop probably thinks that this is a cute name – a bride of ice cream – but it just sounds creepy in English.”

#2 Oh C##p!

Image source: dccopypro

“There’s little difference between b/p in Korean, but a big difference between crab and c**p!”

#3 Is That Why Birth Rate Is Low In Korea?

Image source: dccopypro

#4 No!

Image source: inmykorea.com

“A common problem in Korea when writing English signs is knowing when to use! punctuation. It really changes the meaning of the sign!”

#5 Hiking In Korea

Image source: inmykorea.com

“More random punctuation! Not a very useful warning sign, it actually sounds like a poem.”

#6 Please Don’t Use Them

Image source: inmykorea.com

#7 Old People Stick Anyone?

Image source: inmykorea.com

#8 Hair On Fire?

Image source: inmykorea.com

#9 Addictive Hotdog!

Image source: inmykorea.com

“Narcotic, maniac, and holic are commonly used in Konglish signs to mean something is addictive or really desirable. He’s a check maniac/holic (he loves chicken). This hotdog is narcotic (it’s addictive).”

#10 Well…

Image source: inmykorea.com

#11 Time For Delicious Love Making

Image source:  jonluimarketing

“I think this cafe meant to say that they will make delicious love (romantic meals?) just for you, but love making is something they probably weren’t intending to offer.”

#12 The Toilet Is Painful

Image source: inmykorea.com

“Another toilet sign with a weird Konglish translation. I’m not sure what’s painful about the toilet, but it might make you want to avoid using it.”

#13 Put Your Troubles Into The Toilet

Image source: dccopypro

“In Korea, a lot of older toilets don’t have good plumbing, so you’re meant to put your toilet paper in a bin, not in the toilet. I guess your troubles were what you deposited after lunch?”

#14 Do Not Calm Down!

Image source: inmykorea.com

#15 Enemy Cabbage

Image source: j_kw0nn

“This is why you shouldn’t use a translation app for writing English signs! The word for red and enemy are similar in Korean and instead of red cabbage, you get this.”

#16 Only For Ladies

Image source: inmykorea.com

“Seen on a ladies clothes store. For the dirty minded, this might be funny.”

#17 The Terminator

Image source: inmykorea.com

#18 All The B####es, Assemble!

Image source: findingminwoo

“Beach and b***h are written the same in Korea and they sound the same… It’s funny to see that even Korean mega-corporations like Lotte can’t avoid Konglish mistakes.”

#19 Keep Them In A Shady

Image source: inmykorea.com

#20 Sounds Like An Interesting Dessert

Image source: inmykorea.com

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