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This Artist Created 5 Comics That Show What Happens Behind The Scenes Of Game Of Thrones

Published 4 weeks ago

Sarah Dunlavey, better known as Madame Lady on social media, is a Canadian artist who creates hilarious comic strips every week. The artist just so happens to be a Game of Thrones fan and created 5 funny comic strips showing what happens behind the scenes of everyone’s favorite show.

The artist says she started posting daily back in 2016 and haven’t stopped since. “Creating comics and making people smile is my fuel, I love it,” says Sarah. “I make a lot of relatable content about my life or just dumb ideas I think are funny! I also find a lot of inspiration in the movies and shows I’m a fan of. I love to parody Game of Thrones, Disney, Harry Potter and many others (but mostly Harry Potter)!”

Check out her hilarious “behind-the-scenes” comics in the gallery below!

More info: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | h/t

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