His Girlfriend Banned Geeky Stuff From The House, This Is How He Responded

Published 9 years ago

Not the Girlfriends and boyfriends do not always see eye to eye – especially when Star Wars and video games are on the line. This lady tried to bar his boyfriend from bringing any geeky stuff into the house. Tried. With his geek cred in danger, imgur user ohhaibroadcast set out to foster a guerrilla geek presence in his immaculately decorated house. His vanguard is a LEGO X-Wing pilot situated in a small space above a lamp. As for the others, well, we‘ll let you try and spot them yourself. These “soldiers” are well camouflaged and expertly hidden!

However, not all is bad for ohhaibroadcast. While geeky stuff is not allowed in the house, he has more than enough of the good stuff stashed in the basement. Well, “stashed” doesn’t do it justice. It appears that our geek has a long and storied history of geeking, collecting such classic videogames like StarCraft and StarLancer, the new Kickstarter release of the 1977 classic tabletop game OGRE and many, many other things that make geek hearts sing. Sort of like a subterranean geek paradise.

Considering the amount of geekiness stored there, no wonder it’s spilling over.

More info: ohhaibroadcast (h/t: boredpanda)

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“My gf told me I’m not allowed to have any geeky stuff upstairs, it all goes in the basement.”



“Never underestimate a manchild.”








Now, take a look at his glorious geeky basement:




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