10 Creative And Unique Phosphorescent Street Art Created By This Reskate

Published 1 year ago

If you look at the artworks of the Spanish collective Reskate in broad daylight, they may seem incomplete. But the real magic begins when the darkness of the night takes over and reveals the phosphorescent paintings hidden along with them.

The artists behind the Reskate studio, María López and Javier de Riba started working together on a project called Reskateboarding, in which they reused old skateboards for their creative endeavors. After a few successful projects, they decided to paint the streets by using phosphorescent paint which accumulates natural light and diffuses it when it is dark.

Scroll below to read their exclusive interview with DeMilked and check out some of their best works in the gallery below.

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#1 “Chili Queen” Wall (San Antonio, Texas)

Image source: Reskate Studio

How long have you been creating street art?

“We started painting in the public space in 2014. Before that we started creating indoor murals and when we felt a bit more confident we jumped to paint in abandoned places like factories around Barcelona. We first started creating letterings with phrases that inspired us and later we decided to work better compositions including illustrations and letterings. Years after that we have developed two work lines: Reaction Project and Harreman Project. The first one is based on retro style posters where we use similar tools as advertising but not to promote consumption. Instead we propose messages that encourage collective well-being and a critical thinking . The other project includes photo-luminescent murals that offer two readings, daylight and nighttime. If you look at these two versions separately they set questions and doubts. But when you have the whole experience of seeing both versions they explain a concept that is deeply rooted in the space where they are located.”

#2 “Domestication” Wall (Vienna, Austria)

Image source: Reskate Studio

What inspired you to choose this art form?

“Visibility has always been a precious asset. Even more today with all the social media fuss. Visibility is extensively commercialized and supposedly it is understood that the result of doing this is success. We should never loose the public space as a place for gathering and expressing ourselves. We should gain this space to advertising in order to make the streets a place that is rich in an artistic and critical point of view. Our intention is to offer our work to certain worries that citizens have or to strengthen the identity and culture of certain places. The best place for this aim are the streets, where everybody can enjoy or at least see these murals.”

#3 “Rivalité” Wall (Fontaine, France)

Image source: Reskate Studio

Describe your creative process in a few words and how it makes you feel.

“We have to point out that it is two of us in the team. This fact maybe offers a richer point of view. First we research about the place where we will work and when we get a fact that is interesting to us we discuss what is the best way to represent it. One of us draws the sketch, then the other takes it and works on it. When the proposal is better settled we go on passing it one another until we get what we were looking for. This way of working being a team and merging the styles and techniques of two persons is a good way that all of our works have the same vibe. After more than 10 years working together we have learned to discard egos so that both of us are satisfied and feel that the result is personal but also part of a team.

When we are painting the murals each of us has his/her strengths. However both of us end up working on all the steps of the mural. The cool thing about working on the public space is that you get a direct feedback and up till now it has always been positive.

Once we close a mural project we normally adapt the illustration to limited edition hand-crafted screenprints that you can find in our website. This way our work reaches other far-off destinations. We always get very excited that someone from the other corner of the world can feel connected with a work that is located in a Catalan village or with another place that is really distant from the place they are living in.”

#4 “Unawareness” Wall (Romania)

Image source: Reskate Studio

#5 “Resistència” Wall (Girona)

Image source: Reskate Studio

#6 “La paz de Belmonte” Wall (Belmonte, Portugal)

Image source: Reskate Studio

#7 “Hizkuntza” Wall (Baiona, French Basque Country)

Image source: Reskate Studio

#8 “Connectivity” Wall (Shenzhen, China)

Image source: Reskate Studio

#9 “Eulalia” Wall (Mérida, Spain)

Image source: Reskate Studio

#10 “Llum” Wall (Olot, Catalunya)

Image source: Reskate Studio

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