Google's Tilt Brush allows Art 3.0

Published 8 years ago

As a painter of photorealistic paintings, I was eager to try the HTC Vive virtual reality glasses and the included Tilt Brush software.

After a few months I can now state that Tilt Brush is really revolutionary when it comes to producing art in a way never seen before. Mondriaan would have loved it, Rembrandt would have loved it and for me, painting will never be the same again. Thanks to the built-in rescaling options, I can create immense scenes and life size cathedrals ( which took several hundreds of years in the Middle Ages! )

Attached are some samples of my Tilt Brush Art, which I exported to 3D website Sketchfab to add some more filters giving the final results shown in this post.

Put on your 3D-glasses and pay a visit to my profile page at Sketchfab:

Don’t have VR-glasses yet? Watch some movies on my YouTube Channel:


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“Candy Cathedral”

"Candy Cathedral"

“Powerful but totally useless machine”

"Powerful but totally useless machine"

“Meet Cyborg Rexie, V2.0”

"Meet Cyborg Rexie, V2.0"

“Cyborg Fly”

"Cyborg Fly"

“Balinese Mask”

"Balinese Mask"

“Summer is over”

"Summer is over"

“Meet Cyborg Rexie, v1.0”

"Meet Cyborg Rexie, v1.0"



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