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Graffiti Artist Spray Paints Abandoned Buildings’ Floors With Geometric Tiles

Published 8 years ago

Who needs tiles when you have stencils and spray paint? That’s the idea behind floor tiling by Javier de Riba. This artist goes to abandoned buildings and paints beautiful geometric patterns on the floor. He starts by laying down a layer of white paint in the chosen area. Then he spray-paints the pattern, one single colored stencil at a time. The result is a beautiful floor tiling effect with no glue nor tiles.

Javier de Riba was born in Barcelona and likes to go by “Javi”. He works at Reskate Arts & Crafts Collective. The company lets him indulge in his passion for creating art with the focus on sustainability and humane treatment.

De Riba’s art form changes constantly. As is is stated on his website, “each piece challenges his aesthetic, driving him to try new styles and techniques while balancing his existing abilities with his desire for growth and exploration.”

More info: | Facebook | Twitter | Behance (h/t: colossal)

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Javier de Riba making the tiling:

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