Guidelines of Strengthening a Volunteer Organization

Published 8 years ago

The world’s economy isn’t always at its best and at times when things are looking bad, some people who are otherwise philanthropic tend to develop shy pockets. If an NGO was dependent on some of these people, it ends up with quite some monetary and stability issues.

Whenever the economy is bad, some volunteer organizations might be facing some financial problems. If you are not able to volunteer your time, you can always donate your money to the organizations to help them out with the business they are doing. For example, you could either volunteer in Ghana or you could just send some money to an organization based in the country. However, there are more than one ways that you can use to strengthen a volunteer organization. These organizations are very useful in communities that tend to have high levels of and even health problems due to poor eating habits among others causes. If you are looking to support a certain volunteer abroad organization, here are some guidelines of what you can do:

• Donating Resources

The first thing that you can use when it comes to making an organization strong is to donate some resources –if you have any. When you donate money into a volunteering organization, these resources will be used to do several things that are aimed at keeping the organization functioning. For you to volunteer in Ghana there are several things that the organization pays for. Emily Krueger who was working on a building and construction project had the following to say about her experiences:

“at first it was a little hard to figure out what exactly to do at the center, but as time went on, I became more familiar with the children, how things ran, and areas where I could help.”

An organization cannot be strong if its employees are always complaining about their salaries and working conditions. Donated money is used to pay the organizations employees and for maintaining the offices. If the donations are a lot more, the money is then used to help the needy people back in the villages.

• Recruitment and Training

It is said that a chain is as strong as its weakest link; if you want to have a volunteer organization that deals with half baked projects, then just recruit without even checking your volunteers out. You need to prepare your volunteers both mentally and psychologically for what they should expect. After going for a volunteering trip to Costa Rica on her 30th birthday, Sarah Lounsburh had the following to say:

The uVolunteer organization is great, especially the local volunteer coordinators and staff. I am so grateful to them for their support and would go on another volunteer vacation with this organization again.”

If you want to volunteer in Ghana, the organization you opt to work with should offer you some training. This makes it look more professional and it will start attracting more volunteers. It could be training about basic or simple matters in regards to the program that you are about to undertake.

• Skills and Energy

The other thing that can help improve the strength of a volunteering organization is the type of skills and energy that you bring to the table. For an organization that deals with volunteers who go far, needs to be able to help out a lot more people efficiently; it is therefore important for the organization to be looking for skills that are needed to volunteer in Ghana or elsewhere. Eric Orlando had the following to say after spending some time teaching English:

“It was rewarding to see others learning English so quickly.”

Whether you volunteer in Ghana or even Thailand, you will need to have some basic training. This explains things like the shots that you should get and what type of clothing that you should bring with you. Proper training will help you prepare for the trip effectively without overloading yourself.

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