Have a Look at Windows 10 Mobile with Fingerprint Scanners

Published 8 years ago

The Windows 10 platform holds a lot of promises. Microsoft has invested a lot of research and resources into their new platform. Unlike other OS, they are hoping for a close ecosystem like that of iOS.

What Windows Offers?

As of now, Windows offers an Iris scanner. They have this scanner available on their flagship devices. According to Windows, the Iris scanner is much better compared to a fingerprint scanner. However, this type of scanner is also usually quite impractical to use. In addition, Windows uses IR technology in their scanners. This is quite different from other types of scanners. The IR scanner makes it impossible to fool the system. For instance, you cannot simply hold a picture of someone’s eye and hope that the system is fooled. The latest mobile updates will move this to the next level.

What to Expect?

Microsoft is hoping to get players on board with its Windows 10 platform. Towards this end, they have already released the HP Elite X3. They want to test out how successful this partnership will be. The HP phone is going to be quite powerful. It comes with a great processor and awesome features. According to the latest Tech news, this is just a glimpse of how Windows will conduct its business in future.

One of the features that are included in this phone is the Fingerprint scanner. The phone was just recently released in 2016. It is going to be the first phone that uses the fingerprint scanner technology from windows. However, it is expected that this is going to become the norm in most future Windows supported phones.

Windows Hello

One of the tools that the team at Microsoft has been working on, is the Windows Hello. This versatile tool will offer a wide range of biometric security options. For instance, this platform already offers support for facial and Iris scanners. However, this type of scanning requires the use of highly specialized equipment. As a result, they have decided to offer more biometric security options by including the fingerprint scanner.

How it Will Work?

According to latest Tech news a fingerprint scanner is usually made as part of the device. Right now, one can still use a fingerprint scanner for securing various platforms or data. However, the process is usually very complex. In addition, third party devices are very hard to integrate especially Microsoft may not always consult with them. The decision by the company to offer biometric security is quite welcome. It will make the technology more prevalent and cheaper.

One of the ways Microsoft sees their technology working is as a peripheral device. This could revolutionize how people think of this technology. As of now, the technology is offered as part of the device. It usually comes as part of the front part of the device. Microsoft is already working with hardware makers to develop a device that can be attached to the phone as a scanner.

However, it is still unclear how this device will work. The reason for this is that the technology might be initially be quite expensive. However, as more hardware makers embrace the technology, it will increase competitiveness and lower prices.

How Secure is it?

One of the biggest drawbacks to the previous Windows OS is that there was not enough done for the business community. As a result, this made people in the business world to think of looking for an alternative. However, Microsoft has taken note of this and offered a solution. The giant tech company has made a promise that this technology is quite secure.

In fact, the company foresees it being used for business transactions. This is not just a quick fix solution that can easily be tampered with at will. With the Windows 10 platform for business already being so secure, this is another awesome addition. The latest fingerprint scanner can help grows Windows share in the mobile phone business. As of now, the company only makes up a very small percentage of the entire industry.

Why Now?

For some time now, the company has not been doing well in the market. However, they have now discovered that they cannot produce just standalone packages; they have to create an ecosystem, which they can control. This will make their devices more competitive and help their platform grow significantly. This will obviously mean more money for them.

What Else to Expect?

Windows is also building Passport. This is another platform for apps to use instead of passwords. This will go a long way in making your life that much easier.

If your biggest reason for not using a Windows phone was the Fingerprint scanner; that will all change soon. You can get the security you have always desired from a windows phone.


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