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Artist Notices People Are Using Protective Masks All Wrong, Decides To Create An Infocomic Explaining How To Use Them Properly

Published 12 months ago

With news articles about the coronavirus being printed left and right, you probably noticed the surge of overpriced facemasks appearing for sale online. And before you rush to buy a 10-pack of surgical masks listed online for 20 dollars by some shady “businessman”, we have an informative comic that might help change your mind.

To help you better understand what protective masks are used for and how to actually wear them properly, illustrator Wei Man Kow, created an infocomic detailing everything you need to know masks and the coronavirus. “Recently, there has been a lot of discussion and controversy about mask usage. It is crucial for the right people to wear masks if we are to stop the spread of COVID-19 in our communities,” says the artist. “The good news is, if everyone does this, we can prevent the spread of other infectious diseases as well!”

Wei has previously created a comic detailing everything you need to know about the coronavirus and now aims to create COVID-19-related comics weekly. The artist even gets her comics vetted by doctors! Check out her latest infocomic in the gallery below.

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“The fact that my simple comic covering the basic aspects of keeping safe from the coronavirus has gone viral has made me realize there is a large gap in risk communication to the public when an epidemic strikes,” says Wei.

This fact encouraged the artist to publish more COVID-19-related infocomics. “It is essential that the public is aware of basic facts on COVID-19 and understands their government’s strategy to combat it within their countries. I hope these free comics will be able to cut through the misinformation and educate communities in countries with weak health systems, as well as countries in conflict or poor governance, because they are the least likely to have access to credible sources of information,” says Wei. “Misinformation about diseases is dangerous to one’s self and society at large.”

When creating her comics, the artist got help from doctors Kenneth Tan Kian Wee and Ariel Quahe and thanks them for helping her understand the topic better.

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