Korean Artist Transforms Animals Into Original Anime-Like Characters (10 Pics)

Published 2 years ago

Most of us have probably wondered what we would look like as some fictional movie or game characters, or even animals. But have you ever imagined what animals would look like, turned into their 2D human look-alikes? I highly doubt that. Well, Korean artist Nitro did and turned that idea into reality by transforming various animals into original characters.

Nitro finds inspiration in photography of animals and uses it as a reference for his artwork. The Korean artist manages to capture and maintain the unique features of the animal in the digitalized humanlike form. The result of his transformation is simply outstanding in plain sight. Take a look yourself.

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#1 Friesian Horse

Image source: byeongju.a

Nitro describes himself as a concept artist. A concept artist is someone who conveys the idea for use, whether in films, comic books, animation, video games, or any other media before it’s put into the end result. This included visualizing and creating unique characters and creatures, vehicles, environments, and any other creative assets.

#2 Wolf

Image source: byeongju.a

Whether that will come as a surprise for you or not, Nitro isn’t limited to transforming animals only. For reference, the artist also uses the not-so-popular video game characters and even various lifeless figures, such as statues, that he transforms into monsters and other kinds of creatures.

#3 Brown Bear

Image source: byeongju.a

Like many artists, Nitro mostly uses Photoshop to make his artwork. Photoshop has a wide array of tools and editing options which makes it an incredibly versatile and convenient program to create pieces of art with.

#4 White Cats With Heterochromia

Image source: byeongju.a

#5 Boss Gorilla

Image source: byeongju.a

#6 Cotton-Top Tamarin

Image source: byeongju.a

#7 Polish Chicken

Image source: byeongju.a

#8 Shock-Headed Capuchin

Image source: byeongju.a

#9 Borzoi (Russian Hunting Sighthound)

Image source: byeongju.a

#10 Iguana

Image source: byeongju.a

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