I'll Be Banana – Man, Woman, Machine and Banana.

Published 8 years ago

“I’ll Be Banana” is a poster with the cyborg from the original 1987 Terminator movie, who is now reprogrammed and redesigned to go back in time and spread good vibes to everyone. This character is transhuman and transgender and all at once Woman, Man, Machine and Banana. “I’ll Be Banana” is a collection of ideas that borrow from popular cultural icons, that span over 50 years, which have appeal that cross both culture and time. An iconic man in Arnold Scwarzenegger has been contrasted with an iconic woman in Marilyn Monroe, along with a Banana in a pop-art style popularized by Andy Warhol.

This poster is currently being funded via Kickstarter until September 9, 2016. Posters are are available for $30 CAD, which includes free worldwide shipping. Check out the campaign and help bring this cyborg to life: https://goo.gl/pmekrP

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I’ll Be Banana

I'll Be Banana

18×24, neon screen print on archival cardstock in an edition of 71.

Hello Banana

Hello Banana is an international group of multidisciplinary artists from Canada and Japan. We collaborate with the aim of creating work in a spirit of fun, happiness and adventure. カナダ人と日本人、ふたりのアーティストによるグループ。 制作活動の基本は、楽しく、きもちよく、冒険的であること。

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1980s, ill be banana, poster, schwarzenegger, silkscreen, terminator, transart, transexual, transgender, transhuman
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