100 Secrets People Shared With This Artist In Return For Illustrating Them

Published 7 years ago

“Every person has an interesting story to tell and I wanted to channel that into this project,” says Terence Eduarte, a Filipino illustrator behind the compelling series ‘100 Days Of Secrets.’

To make this project Terence “gathered a lot of silly secrets from friends and unexpected confessions from strangers around the world,” which he then illustrated in his signature style. From hiding a failed driving test to burned suicide notes, the interviewees of this series aren’t holding back.

What would you tell Terence if he asked?

More info: instagram | trnz.co (h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 “It Was My 28th Birthday Last Week And No One Remembered It. Not A Single Call Or Text From My Friends And Family. So I Woke Up The Next Day, Sat Outside My House And Cried Quietly. My Dog Came And Started Crying Too. It Was The Most Beautiful Thing Someone Has Ever Done For Me”

#2 “I Burned The Suicide Note I Wrote A Month Ago. Today Is A Good Day”

#3 “I Always Check If My Friends Are Doing Well, But People Rarely Ask How I Am”

#4 “I Sometimes Feel Alone Even If I’m With Friends. I Feel Like I’m Just An Add-On When We’re Together”

#5 “I Try My Hardest To Make People Happy Because I Know What It’s Like To Feel Absolutely Worthless. I Don’t Want Anyone Else To Feel Like That”

#6 “I’m Acting In A Play Where This Guy Has To Act Like He’s Secretly In Love With Me. But When The Play Ends, We Go Back To Real Life Where I’m Secretly In Love With Him”

#7 “I Told My Unborn Son I Wasn’t Ready To Be Loved By Him. The Next Day I Miscarried”

#8 “It’s Been Two And A Half Years But I Still Can’t Tell Those Around Me That I Am HIV Positive. So Instead Of Focusing On What I Can’t Do, I Volunteer To Help Change The Stigma Around HIV”

#9 “I Want To Ask My Half-Sister If Our Estranged Dad Ever Touched Her Back When They Were Living Under The Same Roof. Or Was I His Only Victim?”

#10 “Half Of My Friends Are People I Wish I’ve Never Met”


In cahoots with the secret orde...
With nobody. In cahoots with nobody.

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