Dad Got Tired Of Disney Movies So He Ruined His Daughters’ Favorite Characters

Published 6 years ago

Shawn Coss is an artist for ‘Cyanide and Happiness’. After watching Disney movies for the millionth time with his daughters he got sick of these movies and decided to ruin the fairytale-like characters. By that, he drew iconic Disney characters in a bit of a different manner, a creepier one, to be precise. As he says himself, it was a bit of a passive-aggressive action, but we can all agree that despite that, the images look amazing. “I love my girls, but I also love ruining their favorite movies with my creepy versions”, he said.

Scroll down to see Shawn’s unique approach to Disney!

More info: Instagram (h/t)

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#1 Mulan

#2 Snow White

#3 Belle

#4 Ariel

#5 Rapunzel

#6 Sleeping Beauty

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