30+ Illustrations That Capture Struggles And Joys Of Being A Stay-At-Home Mom Of A 2-Year-Old Toddler

Published 6 years ago

We all know that stay home moms do not have it easy at all. From taking care of a baby to managing the entire house, these women don’t usually get the respect they truly deserve. A stay home mom Kara Western from Alps of France really knows what it feels like to take care your beloved child and how hard it can get sometimes. Her illustrations not only help her remember these precious moments they also help her fight with her lonesomeness which is a recurrent struggle to all stay home moms.

Scroll down to see Kara’s unique and cute illustrations!

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#1 Newborns Are So Tiny Snuggled Up In Your Arms, Then One Year Later They Get So Long And Big. And Yet, They Still Manage To Fit Perfectly In Your Arms

#2 What Our Weekend Normally Looks Like (Just Kidding, James Can’t Settle For Longer Than 5 Seconds When We’re All Together In The Bed)

#3 James Is My Constant Reminder To Stay Present. I Have A Bad Habit Of Getting Caught Up On My Phone, Wasting My Time Instead Of Doing Something Fulfilling. When I’m In My Haze, He Comes Up To Me With A Toy, Eagerly Calling Me To Play With Him

Image source: karacandraw

#4 I Can’t Be The Only “Bad” Parent That Doesn’t Watch Age Appropriate Things With Their Kid. I Mean He’s Only 18mo, He Can’t Possibly Understand What That Dragon’s Doing, Right!?

Image source: karacandraw

#5 Always “Helping”

Image source: karacandraw

#6 Our Last Visit To The Pediatrician Looked Something Like This. Actually All Our Visits To The Pediatrician Look Like This

#7 Colouring With A Two-Year-Old Like, “Please Don’t Touch Me With That Marker”

#8 James And I Are Learning Italian, And Normally We Do It During Breakfast

Image source: karacandraw

#9 Peacefully Sleeping With Baby When Suddenly… Bam. Rudely Awakened

#10 When Your Toddler Is Having A Really Hard Time Sleeping Due To Teething, But You Don’t Want To Undo Months Of Sleep Training

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