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30+ Illustrations That Capture Struggles And Joys Of Being A Stay-At-Home Mom Of A 2-Year-Old Toddler

Published 9 months ago

#31 Super Sunny And Warm Every Day Of The Week, Except The Day We Have To Leave The House And Go Into Town

Image source: karacandraw

#32 Mommy’s Spa Time Isn’t A Big Success

Image source: karacandraw

#33 Quick Study Of Wobbly Baby Trying To Master Walking

Image source: karacandraw

#34 Today’s Shower Shenanigans Involved Discovering The Faucet As A Great Source Of Fun

#35 James Refuses To Sleep Anywhere But His Crib. But When He Was Little(R), I Would Take Him Into Our Bed In The Morning, Nurse, And We Would Sleep Until 10am Sometimes Even 11am

Image source: karacandraw

#36 Electronic Toys Are Either A Life Saver Or The Bane Of A Parent’s Existence. They Are Great At Occupying Kids So That You Can (Finally) Get Some Stuff Done, But The Incessant Noise Creeps Deep Into Your Ear Canal Where It Travels Through Your Body And Seeps Into Your Bones

Image source: karacandraw

#37 A.k.a Everyday

#38 Only Just Recently James Learnt To Sit Up On His Knees And Reach For Things. Now He Is Starting To Prop One Leg Up, But It Sort Of Just Flops Around Without Much Purpose

Image source: karacandraw

#39 Plant Paradise

Image source: karacandraw

#40 Lovely

Image source: karacandraw

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