Inception Coffee Table By Stelios Mousarris

Published 8 years ago

Christopher Nolan’s epic Inception isn’t a great inspiration for furniture design…unless you’re Stelios Mousarris. His Wave City Coffee Table table is inspired by one of the most enduring visuals of the movie: the dream city bent in half to demonstrate the power of dream architects. Well, now there’s a bent city table and it’s in your living room. Have fun trying to keep children away from it!

Stelios Mousarris is a Cypriot designer. He finished university with a bachelor’s degree in model making. Moussaris worked as a model maker for Foster and Partners and an assistant designer at Duffy London. Deciding that he wants to make his own unique funky furniture, he started the Mousarris company.

More info: | facebook (h/t: boredpanda)

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