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15 Cool Tables That Will Take Your Interior To The Next Level

Published 9 years ago

It often takes a lot of money and even more time and energy to create an interior design for your dream home. However, sometimes all you need is one eye-catching piece of accessory or furniture with a creative or functional design to tie the room together. Any one of the cool tables on this list can be that piece. Tables are an important and integral part of every home – families and friends gather around them, so there’s a good reason for them to be original and creative.

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1. Picnyc Table

Image credits:

2. CATable

Image credits:

3. Sparkling Table

Designed by John Foster

4. Liquid Glacial Table

Designed by Zaha Hadid


5. Octopus Table

Designed by Isaac Krauss

6. Swing Set Table

Image credits:

7. Beach Sand Under Your Work Desk

Designed by Justin Kemp

8. Photo Album Coffee Table

Designed by Mitch Steinmetz

9. Grass Table for Cats

Designed by Emily Wettstein

10. Nautilus Table

Designed by Mark Fish

11. Duck Pond Table

Designed by

12. Coffee Table Hammock

Designed by Koichi Futatsumata

13. Illusion Side Table

Designed by

14. Fusion Table

Image credits:

15. Pond Table

Image credits:

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