20 Spectacular Winners Of International Photography Awards 2023

Published 6 months ago

In the ever-evolving world of photography, the International Photography Awards (IPA) stand as a testament to the incredible talent and creativity of photographers from around the globe. The 2023 edition of the IPA witnessed an extraordinary array of submissions, each vying for recognition in various categories.

The winners, chosen by a panel of esteemed judges, showcased their ability to capture the essence of life, culture, and nature in a single frame. Check out some of the best images that won the competition.

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#1 Nature / Macro, 2nd Place: Mushroom Cyclone By Liu Yang

Image source: ipa

#2 Nature / Wildlife, 3rd Place: The Statues Of Mara By Lakshitha Karunarathna

Image source: ipa

“A bunch of adult and sub-adult African lionesses huddle together on a cold, gloomy morning in Maasai Mara National Reserve. As the Sun began rising in front of the statue-like group, their eyes started to glitter like stars through the dingy atmosphere.”

#3 Non-Professional Nature / Macro, 3rd Place: Ant-Mimic Jumping Spider By Kevin Blackwell

Image source: ipa

“Ant mimicking spiders imitate ants to gain two advantages: they deter certain predators who prefer other prey over ants, and their prey feels less threatened, providing these spiders with better chances to hunt and attack.”

#4 Non-Professional Place / People / Traditions / Culture, 2nd Place: Before Migration By Tommaso Vecchi

Image source: ipa

“Nenets are indigenous Siberian people whose traditional economy has long been rooted in nomadic reindeer-herding, fishing and hunting. They live in chums: small huts made of reindeer skins, in order to ensure a minimum of thermal insulation, especially during the winter. In this picture Roman looking out of the chum, with his red cheeks worn by the cold, -50°C.”

#5 Advertising / Fashion, 2nd Place: Futah – Morocco By Mendo Dornellas

Image source: ipa

“This image was shot from a campaign in Morocco for a Portuguese beach towel brand called Futah. For this campaign the idea was to find textures shapes and colors that can be only found in the Sahara Desert, creating this unique and captivating mood.”⠀

#6 Architecture / Interior, 3rd Place: Cave Of Light By Yury Trofimov

Image source: ipa

#7 People / Portrait, 1st Place: Over The Years By Jasmin Rupp

Image source: ipa

“Over the years, dancers wear out shoe after shoe. Much to the detriment of a parent’s pocketbook, young dancers grow out of shoes season after season.” ⠀

#8 Nature / Animals / Pets, 2nd Place: Circle Of Life By Moises Levy

Image source: ipa

“This image is part of a portfolio that I have been working on for several years in a fishing village in Guerrero, Mexico. I have been attending the ritual for several years when the fishermen arrive early in the morning with the catch they obtained during the night. This image expresses the energy of the birds as they receive their first meal of the day.”⠀

#9 Architecture / Buildings, 3rd Place: Jiangnan By Bin Zhang

Image source: ipa

“This is a photo taken by a mobile phone. The shooting location is in Suzhou, China. This is a traditional Chinese architectural form. The black and white minimalist shape left a deep impression on me.”

#10 Architecture / Historic, 2nd Place: Sun Party By Majid Hojati

Image source: ipa

“When the light passes through the stained glass of the window and shines on the carpet patterns and tiled lilies, It creates such a beautiful charter that we see it together.”

#11 Nature / Landscape, 2nd Place: A Perfect Cloud By Francisco Negroni

Image source: ipa

“The Villarrica volcano is the most dangerous volcano in Chile and one of the most active in America. In the photograph a beautiful lenticular cloud moves over the crater while it is illuminated by the light emitted by the volcano’s lava.”⠀

#12 Nature / Underwater, 2nd Place: Newborn Humpback Calf And Its Mother By Ricardo A. Nascimento

Image source: ipa

“A sight of a humpback whale mother and her precious calf gliding through the crystal-clear depths of the ocean. The calf, merely one week old, retains its pristine white color, reminiscent of the day it was born.”

#13 Sports / Extreme Sports, 3rd Place: Big Monday By Tó Mané

Image source: ipa

“The iconic photo of Garrett McNamara riding what everyone called the “100-foot wave”, likely the world’s biggest wave ever surfed, at Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal.”⠀

#14 Special / Smartphone Photography, 3rd Place: Zar By Shervin Bashari

Image source: ipa

“Zar Amir Ebrahimi, the Cannes festival winner and one of the inspiring and influential Iranian women, bursts into tears while buying flowers from a lady, late night in Paris.”

#15 Nature / Aerial / Drone, 3rd Place: Earth’s Treasure By Miki Spitzer

Image source: ipa

“Icy blue watery veins, shimmering glacial braids and glistening golden sediment come together to provide a delightful mirage for the human eye.”⠀

#16 Sports / Winter Sports, 2nd Place: Alpine Australia By Penny Prangnell

Image source: ipa

“This photo series offers a fresh perspective on the Australian landscape, contrasting the typical image of red clay, eucalyptus trees, and vast skies. The photos highlight the connection between humans and the mountain range, emphasizing our insignificance in the face of nature while also celebrating the skiers’ appreciation for the slopes.”

#17 Editorial / Press / Environmental, 3rd Place: Eastgrip – Ice Core By Lukasz Larsson Warzecha

Image source: ipa

“Ice cores drilled during the East Greenland Ice-Core Project (EastGRIP) 2022 field season from ca. 2300-2400 meters in depth – and around 65,000 years old – lie in aluminium trays in the buffer ice core storage waiting to be processed at the science trench.”

#18 Non-Professional Nature/Astrophotography, 3rd Place: Our Sun And The Universe Around It By Markus Wiedmann

Image source: ipa

“Our sun and some of the most famous deep sky objects around. All taken from my backyard in southern Germany and my telescopes.”

#19 Non-Professional Editorial / Press / Other, 2nd Place: Polluted Buriganga River By Azim Khan Ronnie

Image source: ipa

“A busy polluted waterway is filled with boats and their passengers in the morning commute as they try to pass on a river in Bangladesh. The boats on the Buriganga River in Bangladesh as millions of commuters attempt to cross the river daily to get to their workplace in the city of Dhaka. The Bangladeshi capital is one of the most densely populated in the world and home to around 19 million people.”

#20 Event / Concert, 3rd Place: Fire Power By Julien Duval

Image source: ipa

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