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Chinese Families Demonstrate All Their Belongings In A Single Photo

Published 7 years ago

In the last 10 years, Chinese photographer Huang Qingjun has travelled to 14 of the 33 provinces in China only to take pictures of different families with all their belongings in one frame. Qingjun asked the families to empty their homes and carefully arrange all their belongings outside, revealing the content of their households not only to the photographer but probably to themselves as well.

The aim of the “Family Stuff” (“Jiadang”) project was to document the effects of modernisation on rural Chinese families and expose the varying relationships between people and their material possessions. What’s even more amazing is how the photographer managed to persuade the families to go to such trouble to bring all their stuff out of their homes and expose it to the light of day and a stranger‘s eye. Luckily for us, there were quite a few such volunteers, each of whom probably had a unique chance to rethink their lives, relive their memories and revive their relationships with their belongings.


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