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This Giant ‘Mop’ Dog Playing With A Kid Will Make Your Day

Published 3 years ago

Photoshop? Nope. Instead, photographer Andy Seliverstoff plays with scale by putting children next to these adorable giants in his photo series called Little Kids and Their Big Dogs.

The photographer spent four months taking thousands of pictures in St Petersburg before turning them into a book featuring the hundred best images. Andy has been a photographer for years but he’s only recently started to take it seriously.

I always take plenty of time with the dog who’s in front of my camera so I get to know the personality of my dog model the best I can,” Andy writes on his website. “The personality and the character is unique for every individual dog. The human aspects we often recognize in our dogs are, among other things, what makes us feel so close to them. And it is this aspect I try to express in my photography.

His book “Little Kids and Their Big Dogs” is available for pre-order here.

More info: andy seliverstoff | instagram | facebook (h/t)

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Here are more of these adorable giants:






For even bigger scale check out Vivian, the giant wiener dog.


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