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College Student Designs PMS Ice Cream Flavors To Show How Women Feel

Published 8 years ago

Parker Jones drew on her own experience with PMS by designing cheeky ice cream covers for ‘PMS Ice Cream’. The ice cream flavors are named after the mood cycles occurring on the period. “Don’t Come Near Me” bears the rocky road (chocolate and nuts) flavor. “I Think I’m Dying” is commemorated with strawberry. And “I Need Some More” is all about mint chocolate chips, the minty fresh taste inviting you to get more! However, internet commenters are quick to point out that Parker missed out by not naming the project “P-M-Ice cream”

Parker, a college student, has already done quite a few works on brands and design. The experience shows in the cheeky labels: as an added bonus, they list the feelings experienced in each mood cycle. For example, “Don’t Come Near Me” lists off “anger, rage, whining, crying, anxiety, laughter, repeat”. As Parker states on her Behance page, it is “The Ice Cream that says what every girl is thinking”

Pity it’s not a real product!

More info: behance (h/t: boredpanda)

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