Photoshop Troll Continues To Take Photo Requests Too Literally, And It’s Hilarious (10 New Pics)

Published 7 years ago

Hide your photos and lock your computers, because the infamous Photoshop troll James Fridman is back! And you’ve guessed it, he’s been up to yet another hilarious photo editing spree.

The interesting bit is as we see his Twitter followers exploding to insane levels (874,000 as of now!) we get to see how his point of view has evolved since we first wrote about him. Once only a fun project has now become almost an education class on do’s and don’ts of creating your ‘internet image’.

You can also participate by sending in your pictures to James at fjamie013. Just remember his warning: “don’t submit any personal photos that you do not want to be made public.”

More info: james fridman | facebook | instagram | twitter (previous posts: here, here and here)

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You can find previous Jamie’s edits here, here and here.


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