Astonishing Portraits Of Chickens Demonstrate Their Unquestionable Beauty

Published 10 years ago

Chickens are magnificent animals and Ernest Goh, a photographer and visual artist, is here to prove you just that. His latest work is a collection of surprising and beautifully bizarre “portraits of supermodels of the chicken world” that will bring a smile to your face.

These chickens, however, are not just any chickens – they’re an extraordinary-looking breed called Ayam Serama from Malaysia. These chickens are known for their decorative appearance, upright posture and assertive, confident yet calm temperament. Malaysians feel great respect for the Serama chickens and compare them with warriors as their posture and astonishing flexibility seem nearly human.

This series is released as a book called “Cocks: The Chicken Book”, which introduces us to this unique breed of Serama chickens and gives them a well-deserved spot light.

Source: (via: petapixel)

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