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NASA Released ‘Mars Explorers Wanted’ Posters Promoting Careers On The Red Planet

Published 7 years ago

We all have the desire to explore the unknown, to find places that others didn’t. Curiosity is in our blood, it’s one of those things that make us human. After our civilization claimed the Moon, we started focusing on Mars. SpaceX is trying to put humans there by 2025, Lockheed Martin aims for 2028 and over 20 missions to study the ‘Red Planet’ have been or are operational.

A lot of big teams are working on complicated aeronautic projects, but sadly the majority of us won’t go down in history as the Marco Polos, Christopher Columbuses, and Neil Armstrongs of the 21 century. To help swallow this reality pill and raise awareness about Mars, NASA released a series of posters titled ‘Mars Explorers Wanted’. Currently these positions do not exist but let’s hope one day they’ll appear online as real offers!

More info: (h/t: gizmodoThe Wire)

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