Men’s Jewelry and Accessory Picks for the Summer

Published 8 years ago

Long gone are the days when men’s accessories consisted of only cufflinks and hats. There is now so much versatility in accessories and jewelry, making it hard to know what to pick for a stylish look. To help you out, we’ve gathered the best ideas for the summer. The trends range from the traditional, such as caps, to the more daring, with long scarves.In terms of jewelry, you’ll have old picks paired with new trends. So, let’s find out what you should add to your shopping basket.

The must-have accessories

Before we introduce you to the best jewelry picks, let’s consider the other accessories you must include in your wardrobe.


If you are not much of a fashion fanatic, but nonetheless, like to look stylish, the first accessory trend is something simple and relaxed. Baseball caps are an easy way to add an edge to your look, without you having to gather strength to step outside the house.

Original sports team baseball caps are naturally a good idea and you can find basketball caps from multiple sport retailers. We won’t dare to suggest which team’s cap you should go to, as you probably have your own ideas.

In addition, you might want to check out the baseball caps from the Calvin Klein Collection. These caps are more suited for your smarter looks. such as having a night out with friends.


Backpacks have always been the option for trips and holidays, but they are now becoming increasingly trendy as an accessory for men. Major designers like Fendi and Bottage have all jumped in on the backpack bandwagon.

You could, of course, also opt for cheaper alternatives. The Faux Suede-Paneled backpack from Forever 21 won’t break the bank, but it will guarantee you look trendy.

You can definitely also opt for a sportier backpack, especially if you are heading out to the gym or just hanging out on the beach with friends. But for the more formal outings, select backpacks with a leather or suede detailing.

Long Scarves

Now if you are looking for something more adventurous, you can update your summer look with a long scarf. You want to find scarves that are thinner in fabric, but full of colors and patterns.

The scarf look fits cooler summer nights especially well and you can pair your vibrant, colorful scarf with a bomber jacket or a thin blazer.

Our favorite scarves include the Kooples ‘Skullhead’ Print Scarf from Nordstrom and the Paul Smith’s Handpainted Multistripe Cotton scarf from Forzieri’s collection. Paul Smith’s scarves also include beautiful silk scarves, which are perfect for an evening out.


It goes without saying that summer accessories for men also include sunglasses. But what are the best styles to get for summer 2016?

You should keep your Wayfarer and Clubmaster sunglasses on the shelf and instead opt for some rounder shades. In short, you want to get that John Lennon groove on for the summer.

Start your sunglass hunt at and enjoy some great summer savings. Ray-Ban’s RB2180 is a great model to keep in mind, as is the Armani Exchange AX2002. If you like frames with a twist, then consider the Ray-Ban RB2447 model.

Topman also has plenty of cheaper options available for round frames. Cheaper sunglasses might not be the best when you are spending a lot of time outdoors, but they will do the trick as a casual addition to your look.

The summer jewelry picks

In terms of jewelry, the summer trends continue to incorporate previous fashion picks with some new ideas.

First, bracelets are still popular in men’s jewelry. We’d suggest you check out the MIANSAI website, as it has a stunning collection of men’s leather bracelets. You can pick one or two of your favorites and pair them together for an effortless look.

But the new jewelry addition for men’s look this summer is the necklace. You should opt for relatively unassuming and relaxed jewelry. A simple gold or silver necklace is a great pick. David Yurman’s collection has plenty of stylish options, such as the Exotic Stone Tag model.

If you are looking for something official for the summer pick parties such as weddings, then Overstock has a stunning collection of rings and earrings for men.

Remember to pair the same metals together if you are using multiple pieces of jewelry. In terms of pairing things like leather jewelry, you can choose any metal you like, as it will pair nicely with the leather.

With the above accessory and jewelry picks, you can create a great look for the summer. Just remember to find items that you feel comfortable wearing and which add something to your existing style. Staying in budget is also a crucial aspect which should have crossed your mind a several times by now. Coupon codes at Frugaa plays a vital role in providing the latest discounts offered by top retailers on such accessories and more. Hopefully you’ll have a fun and a design-rich summer!

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