The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Releases Over 400,000 Images From Its Epic Collection To The Public Online

Published 10 years ago

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the largest art museum in the U.S. and one of the most important museums in the world, just digitally released a collection of almost 400,000 pictures of works in its collection online. Now, anyone who wants to take a look at any of the many thousands of works on display at the Met (or the many thousands more that are not on display but in their collection) can do so by visiting their website. Although the images are not licensed for commercial use, anyone can download them and, say, print them up to hang up in their living room.

We’ve narrowed our focus to their amazing collection of historical photographs, but there’s an entire world of art there to explore. Take a look!

More info: (h/t: thisiscolossal)

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Children at resort / Martin Munkacsi (1929)

Pensive / Pierre-Louis Pierson (1893)

Group of Thirteen Decapitated Soldiers / Unknown (1910)

Head of Man with Hat and Cigar / Leon Levinstein (1960)

Isambard Kingdom Brunel Standing Before the Launching Chains of the Great Eastern / Robert Howlett  (1857)

Sincerely Yours, Woodrow Wilson / Arthur S. Mole (1918)

Henry Duberly and Mrs. Duberly Roger Fenton  (1855)

Spider Webs / Alvin Langdon Coburn  (1907)

Frau Hofrat Josefine Raymond by Franz Antoine (1850′s-60′s)

Loie Fuller Dancing / Samuel Joshua Beckett (1900)

Les Chiens / Pierre-Louis Pierson Date (1860)

The Ascent of Mont Blanc / Auguste-Rosalie Bisson (ca 1860)

Street Minstrel, Gose / Shinichi Suzuki (1870s)

Femme turque en toilette de ville / Félix Bonfils (1870s)

Sutar ka Jhopda Cave Interior, Ellora Caves / Alfred William Plâté (1890–1900)

Japanese Women in Traditional Dress / Shinichi Suzuki (1870s)

Chronophotograph / Etienne-Jules Marey  (1894)

An Eel-Catcher’s Home by Peter Henry Emerson (1885-86)

Japanese Woman in Carriage by Shinichi Suzuki (1870′s)

Femmes Betsimisaraka / Madagascar Désiré Charnay  (1863)

Rowing Home the Schoof-Stuff / Peter Henry Emerson  (1886)

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