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Photoshop Genius Erik Johansson Reveals How His Mind-Bending Images Are Made

Published 5 years ago

Want to manipulate photos like a master? Then take a look at the work of Erik Johansson. He has made “work in progress” videos for several of his photo compositions. The road splitting apart like a zipper? It’s the result of combining many landscape images on a paper cut out. Follow these videos, look closely, and you’ll be on track to make your own surreal landscapes. Maybe we’ll even feature them one day!

Erik Johansson is a photographer from Sweden who works in Berlin. His goal is to make all his strange photos as realistic as possible – even when they’re composed of many image layers. To that end, he doesn’t use CGI or stock images – only pictures he took himself. As you can see in the videos, it requires quite a bit of work.

More info: | facebook | instagram | twitter (h/t: petapixel)

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Cut & Fold


Post production took 15 hours.

Drifting Away




Endless Stories


Created for The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation

Closing Out




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