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Moody Kittens – First ever 4 in 1 sticky notes! Meow!

Published 7 years ago

Living in a quiet neighborhood of Toronto, surrounded by several stray cats, gave me a chance to nurture a fun relationship with them. Cats are a moody creature; the elegance, the attitude, the speed at which interest turns into indifference, the playfulness and the laziness are all various shades of this beautiful creature.

Each cat has its own soul, character and a unique story just like us humans. I was inspired to capture the magical beauty of cats and create an equally inspiring, multifaceted yet simple product which I have named ‘Moody Kittens’.

These are highly engaging paper notes that can be used as sticky notes, bookmarks, flip-book animation or coloring notes. In fact, these are the first notes of its kind, for cat lovers all around the world!

Whether you are getting bored in a class or a meeting (flip notes over for some coloring fun!), just want spend some moody time, want to play with fun kittens (flip book animation!), have the urge to color cats, looking for a cute bookmark or want to leave an engaging note for someone, Moody Kittens can do it all!

We are live on Kickstarter —

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Moody Kittens

Moody Kittens

6 differently designed moody kittens

Moody Kittens art

Moody Kittens art

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