Myths about Replica Wheels

Published 8 years ago

Myth No 1: Replica wheels are not robust

Fact: Replica Wheels are as durable as original ones

This statement is quiet misleading and there are several ways a wheel is manufactured and this is what actually determines their quality and lifetime. Both the replica wheels as well as the factory wheels vary in their productions and precision process. Some of the replica wheels might be forged while the other OEM wheels are produced with simple casting process. As a result, how they are built and who made it determines how long will they work actually.

For instance, cast aluminum wheels are the most popular kinds of wheels on road these days. They are created by melting hot aluminum which is poured in to the mold. They are the most lightweight, least expensive to produce and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Then there are forged wheels that are made up of denser solid aluminum stretched and enlarged by pounds of pressure. This creates a stronger yet light weight wheels which is expensive than the former.

Myth #2: Replica Wheels hurt your car’s resale value

Fact: Replica Wheels have no impact on this

One of the main concerns of car owners is that they believe that the replica wheels have less worth and thus, they are not as great as OEM wheels. However, interesting thing is that some of the popular pre owned cards are often found with the replica wheels on them. Most of the people cannot even differentiate in between these two.

From a distance or to a layman you will never know the difference

Myth #3: Replica wheels are similar to counterfeit or fake wheels

Fact: Replica wheels are different niche

Fake and counterfeit wheels are a copy version of the factory wheels and nothing beyond that. Replica wheels, however are a new niche and of wheels and they are more or less different then fake. They have their own standards with regards to the trademarks and patents.

They are quite similar to the OEM this way and even a slight violation does not deter them from being qualitative. On the other hand, the fake wheels are not obligated to any kind of testing or protocols. They are just putting yourself on risk. They are risky and an inferior choice as compared to the replica wheels.

Myth #4: Replica wheels are untested and unsafe

Fact: Replica wheels meet rigorous testing standards

Wheels are bounded by engineering and tested properly before being launched on road. Each of the replica wheels are tested for their specification of the vehicle and thus, not all of them are created equal. It is therefore important to do your research and know what sort of wheel you are getting. Although, there are several options of buying replica wheels, it is highly needed to purchase them from safe stores and be cautious.

If you notice your car is acting funny after hitting a pot hole, you will want to get it checked right away.

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