How To Take Photos Like A National Geographic Photographer

Published 8 years ago

Photographs are not about the photographer, they are about the subject‘ – this is how photographer Bob Holmes starts his story of how to take photos in National Geographic style.

Holmes has purified the style that you can recognize in many of the shots published in the renowned journal. If you’re in doubt about his competence then don’t because Holmes has a stellar record. Not only has he had his work published in the National Geographic, he’s also won the Travel Photographer of the Year award, not once, or even twice, but three times.

Now, in only one 9-minute-long video, Holmes explains the key points that every photographer should know in order to create their own compelling photos. You must learn a thing or two.

More info: advancing your photography (h/t: petapixel)

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The camera is the biggest barrier. Know your equipment inside out, so when it’s time to shoot you don’t have to think about it


Look for punctuation – the main detail, that will give context to your picture


Following photography rules (like the rule of thirds, the golden rule etc) gives pleasant results but often makes photos boring. You want to inject some excitement and interest into your photography


Observe the whole frame. If there’s something in it that wasn’t supposed to be, it’s your fault


Find strong colors and geometry


Get involved with your subject. Give it a 100% of your concentration


Be willing to spend a lot of time waiting for that perfect shot


See it in a video:


In cahoots with the secret orde...
With nobody. In cahoots with nobody.

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