Stunning “Night Owl” Illustration Created With Expressive Splatters Of Paint

Published 10 years ago

Chinese illustrator, painter and street artist Chen Yingjie (better known as Hua Tunan) is a young leading force in contemporary Chinese art. His newest artwork, called “Night Owl,” is a beautiful example of his impressive trademark – a figure created by expressive and firm splatters of paint. The owl painting is forceful, lively, strong, and hypnotizing with its vibrant colours. The dynamic improvised paint splashes all blend into one solid shape.

This was one of the rare cases when Tunan actually offered to sell his artwork to the public. 35 signed prints of “Night Owl” were available exclusively in the Street Art News Shop on April 3rd, so we can only hope that there will be a lot more offers like this in the future. Also, check out his previous work right here.

Source: Tumblr | Facebook (via)

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