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These Guys Collect Discarded Flip-Flops From The Beaches And Create Amazing Works Of Art

Published 1 year ago

Ocean Sole is a Kenyan ocean conservation group founded by Julie Church in 1999. Inspired by the toys children were making out of the flip-flops washing up on the beaches of Kiwayu, Julie encouraged their mothers to collect, wash, and cut the discarded flip-flops into colorful products.

Since the beginning of the project, Ocean Sole cleaned up over 1,000 tonnes of flip-flops from the Ocean and waterways of Kenya. It also provides steady income for low-income Kenyans, who get paid for collecting the discarded flip-flops from beaches. Ocean Sole also contributes over 10% of their revenue to marine conservation programmes.

Ocean Sole say their actions must make a difference – by providing income, education and meals for those in need. “We make fun art so people, companies and charities remember that the Ocean needs our help,” mentions their website. Check out their beautiful flip-flop art in the gallery below!

More info: Ocean Sole

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