Boss Asks Employees To Decorate Their Desks, So They Did This

Published 8 years ago

The folks in the Viking office are at it again! This time, they built a castle! Well, a cardboard castle which used 500 pieces of waste cardboard. In order to get the office crew to get over the post-holidays, “it’s-not-Christmas-anymore” sadness, the management told them to decorate the office.

The creative team was not content to just get a few desk decorations. Their castle features three walls, two towers and a draw bridge. The four members stayed in for the night to erect the fortification which came as a surprise to their coworkers. Then again, these are the people who made the Star Wars murals, so they should have expected something.

Here’s the story in their own words!

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We decided to build a giant cardboard castle in the office


First we started on the walls. Each wall was created using two panels, both 2m x 1m in length. These panels were then attached in an overlapping manner to add strength to the walls


We attached these panels using glue guns. You’ll be surprised how quickly you get through the glue sticks. In total, we used around 80


When we started making the bricks, we realised we needed a production line, otherwise we weren’t going to finish on time


Two of the team cut and prepared the brick panels, while the other two stuck them on the walls. In the end we made over 480 bricks


One of the hardest tasks, was working out how we would make the towers stand up, as they were over 3m high – cue an ingenious folding idea!


Once we had the bricks attached, we could start to stand everything up


Some of the walls needed a little help until we could get them secured properly


Then, as dawn began to break, we added the drawbridge


Now, all we had left was the flags


In the end, construction took around seven hours, with planning and prep taking a further two hours. We were tired but it was all worth it when we saw our colleagues’ faces the next morning


Lastly, here we are at work, in our lovely new creative space


Lastly, here we are at work, in our lovely new creative space


The final castle


Making of

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