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Published 9 years ago


My name is Cristian. I love foreign languages, cooking and origami.

Late last year I made a decision that would see me rediscover my creativity and avoid something that had weighed very heavily on my mind during 2014.

As a result of my “quarter-life crisis” and of the sinking feeling that days were passing me by without me creating new memories or making use of my creativity, my origami crane diary was born; this, and the inspiration I drew from the amazing story of Sadako Sasaki, and her quest to fold 1000 paper cranes in order to be granted a wish.

Every day, through the medium of the classic origami crane model and anything and everything that surrounds me, I try and describe my day: my thoughts, feelings, hopes, fears and joys.

I wish I did not have to use the word “journey”, but an incredible one it has been!

This project has helped me bring back the fire I thought I had lost. And now, each time I look at one of my cranes, I can remember at least one thing about the day in which it was made.

I was also able to “meet” new people, origami enthusiasts and lovers of art in general through social media. The support, encouragement and stories that were shared with me have truly marked me!

I wanted to be able to share my project with others, so here is why I am writing to you.

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