Winners Of The 2018 Underwater Photography Contest Have Just Been Announced, And The Pictures Are Breathtaking

Published 6 years ago

An international annual competition Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest has just announced its winners, and we cannot believe how creative photographers can get in order to get a perfect shot. This year British Underwater Photographer of the Year is Grant Thomas whose picture “Love Birds” portrays two swans under water. You can also find other mesmerizing images among the winners of the competition, being able to capture whales, sunken ships, and even a car parked at the bottom of the lake, these photographers definitely know that it takes to get a good shot. Scrolled down to see the praised contestants and winners of the contest yourself! 

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British Underwater Photographer of the Year – Grant Thomas “Love Birds”

Tobias Friedrich “Breathtaking”

Filippo Borghi “Morning Flight”

Pekka Tuuri “Unusually parked car”

Konstantin Killer “The Real Illusion”

Susannah H. Snowden-Smith “OCD Diver Tries To Right Shipwreck”

Henley Spiers “Battle of the Tompots”

Anders Nyberg “BSA M20 Motorbike”

Ace Wu “Blue Nudibranch”

 Greg Lecoeur “Fresh Otter at Sea”

Songda Cai “Friend or Food?!”

Borut Furlan “Crocodile Reflections”

Herbert Meyrl “Cenote Nariz”

Sylvie Ayer “Seal”

Rodney Bursiel “The Talk”

Scott Gutsy Tuason “In Hiding”

Davide Lopresti “Ghost”

Shane Gross “‘Seahorse Density”

Greg Lecoeur “Oceanic White Tip Shark”

Brook Peterson “Sunset Snorkel”

Greg Lecoeur “Gannets Feeding”

Jack Berthomier “Flower Power”

Jacob Degee “The Hammer”

Tom St. George “Tannic Water at Cenote Carwash”

Brian Eckstein “Hummingfish”

 Will Clark “Basking Shark Feeding”

 TianHong Wang “Pretty Lady”

Pekka Tuuri “Stuka”

Rick Ayrton “Swarm”

 Pekka Tuuri “Perfect Wheel”

Rugile Matuseviciute

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