London Bridge Turned Into Rainbow To Make Mondays Brighter

Published 9 years ago

London Bridge doesn’t have to be gray all the time. Spark Your City made it extremely colorful – even for just one Monday morning. The project, represented by BBC radio host Gemma Cairney, took to the bridge early in the morning and tiled it with a rainbow of colors. Londoners passing the bridge were pleasantly surprised by this make-over. Alas, it was only meant for one day, and now, the bridge is back to normal.

Gemma Cairney is the first, but not the only person working with the Spark Your City initiative. The project is all about making your city more vibrant and playful. Project members will decorate cities as far between as New York and Milan. According to the website, the next “spark” will happen in London on August 12th. It will be carried out byHelen Skelton, the former Blue Peter star and record holder for the longest solo kayak ride (down the Amazon, no less), so it is bound to deliver something stunning.

More info: | facebook | twitter | instagram (h/t: designtaxi)

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