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Rainy Pot: This Cute Cloud Will Keep Your Plants Alive

Published 6 years ago

Do interior plants dream about raindrops? That’s what Korean designer Jeong Seungbin from DailyLife Lab thought, as it’s the nature’s intended way for plants to receive their water dose, so he created this supercute Rainy Pot.  This clever and nice wall-mounted planter consists of a little pot and a cloud above it, which works as watering system.

You just need to open the lid on top of the cloud and pour about 80 ml. of fresh water for your plant, and after that you can enjoy seeing the “rain” falling in your now probably happier flowers. Also, the pot has a little plug on the bottom that you can pull to let go overflowing water. Simple and functional!

If you like this way to keep your plants healthier and happier, you can get Rainy Pot in Amazon.

More info: dailylifelab (h/t: laughingsquid)

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Rainy Pot is available at Amazon.


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