8 Relatable Comics About The Struggles Of Growing Up Incredibly Shy

Published 6 years ago

Jenny Jinya is a German freelance illustrator who creates beautiful illustrations and either controversial comics or ones with questionable humor. She created a series of relatable comics, showing what it’s like growing up shy.

Jenny says she was an incredibly shy kid: “Growing up shy can be quite challenging, and because I am still struggling today I drew some comics about being the shy kid.” From being awkward in social situations to difficulty making eye contact – if you’re a shy person, we’re positive you will relate.

Check out the comics in the gallery below!

More info: jenny-jinya.com | h/t

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#1 Why Is This So Hard?

#2 Missed Opportunities And All That Regret Afterwards

#3 Simple Questions Are So Hard To Ask

#4 Sometimes People Think You’re Arrogant Or Cold

#5 Mom Just Never Understood

#6 As If School Life Wasn’t Hard Enough

#7 Is It The Right Time To Speak?

#8 When Is Talking Not Awkward? Sometimes I Can’t Tell

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