Student Does A Google Redesign Turning Its Logo Into A Functional Search Bar

Published 9 years ago

Google is pretty iconic, no? Yet Dana Kim offers this rebranding alternative. It drops the regular Google colors and ditches capitalization. Instead, it’s all blue and white, and the O’s are joined. They make-up the search bar, so all the Google searches you’d do in the rebranded enginehappen within the logo. Besides that, the overall feel of the redesign makes it look somewhere between the Windows Phone OS and Facebook.

Dana Kim is a graphic designer in Los Angeles. Her rebranding effort is centered around a proposed new Google motto “expand you knowledge”. “The combining of O’s also symbolizes connecting the user and Google together and signifies the company’s effort to engage with its users closely. I aimed to narrow its focus on the convenience of users to deliver speedy and optimal results while providing its unique visual presence,” Kim said of the logo.

More info: cargocollectivebehanceinstagram (h/t: designtaxi)

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