20+ Stunning Winning Photos Of The 2018 Siena International Photo Awards

Published 6 years ago

The Siena International Photo Awards is an annual photography competition, started in 2015, in which both amateurs and professionals compete in various categories. This year the organizers received nearly 48,000 images from 156 countries and finally, the 2018 winners have been announced.

This year the title of Photographer of the Year went to a Bangladeshi photographer K M Asad. The winning picture, titled Battle Victim, depicts a child refugee from Rohingya – a victim of the violence currently happening in Myanmar.

Check out Asad’s and many other great photographers’ pictures in the gallery below and if you want more, check out the winning pictures of 2016 here!

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#1 El Calbuco, Chile (1st Place In The Beauty Of The Nature Category)

This photograph was taken during a violent night eruption of the Calbuco volcano in the Lagos region, Chile. An incredible dirt storm wraps the fumarole of the erupting volcano

Image source: Francisco Negroni

#2 Arctic Fox, Usa (3rd Place In Animals In Their Environment Category)

I encountered this fox scavenging a Caribou’s carcass on the coastal plains of Alaska’s Arctic. I spent two hours slowly approaching it until I took this picture from six feet away, as she finished her meal. It was a surreal and unforgettable experience and a rare opportunity to be accepted into a wild animal’s existence for a few special hours

#3 Sharing Emotion (Remarkable Award In Fascinating Faces And Characters Category)

Image source: Mohd Nazri Sulaiman

#4 Cosmic Wildflowers, Brazil (Honorable Mention In The beauty of the nature Category)

The 180º panorama, with the milky way in the background, magnifies a field of Paepalanthus wildflowers in the National Park of Veadeiros Tablelands

Image source: Marcio Cabral

#5 Rhino Silhouette, Kenya (Honorable Mention In Animals In Their Environment Category)

I was taking an early ride out from the camp in Masai Mara National Park, searching for the Great Migration, when I saw a rhino from far away standing beside a tree. The backlight from the early sun was too strong, so I took a silhouette instead

#6 Underwater View Of The Winter Lofoten (Remarkable Award In The Beauty Of The Nature Categoty)

Image source: Сергей Луканкин

#7 The Twins’ Gymnastics Dream, China (3rd Place In Story-Telling Category)

When I discovered these twins at a gymnastics school, I decided to capture their telepathic coordination, mutual assistance and dependence on each other in daily training. I also focused on capturing their individual differences performed in training, particularly in simple mandatory movements. I worked hard to find and capture their differences in the hope of unveiling the characteristics and forms of twins in competitive sports. The photos were mainly taken at a gymnastics school in Jining City, China. The two children were born in 2007. Their names are Liu Bingqing and Liu Yujie. 1、Before training, Liu Bingqing and Liu Yujie were running along the corridor. 2、Liu Bingqing was doing gymnastics with the help of the coach and was clearly suffering. 3、The twins were training in simple movements on the horizontal bar

Image source: Peng Yuan

#8 Toy Houses, Russia (1st Place In Architecture & Urban Spaces Category)

This picture of some Russian dachas near the city of Arkhangelsk is interesting thanks to the intense contrast between the colors of the houses and the white snow covering the Russian town

Image source: Fyodor Savintsev

#9 Beyond Pink, USA (Honorouble Mention In General Color Category)

Breast cancer goes beyond the month of October and the pink ribbons. This portrait is part of a series showing honest and empowering images of breast cancer

Image source: Becky Yee

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