15 Things That Single Girls Can Relate To By Lingvistov

Published 8 years ago

Being lonely isn’t fun. Lingvistov illustrates 15 things that lonely girls will understand. I wouldn’t, I’m not a girl. But if you had to resort to cats to have a companion at home, if your “Netflix and chill” is actually a movie a tub of ice cream, it might be for you. If you’re lonely, that is. I can’t imagine any of our cool readers being lonely.

Lingvistov group was created in 2012 by Asia and Landysh. As graduates from a Russian linguistic university, they offered English language classes online. Eventually, they discovered their love of both drawing and cats, and the rest is DeMilked history. You can see their post on cat truths here!

More info: shop.lingvistov.com

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