Longboard Stroller Makes City Walks Fun For Both Kids And Parents

Published 9 years ago

It’s still possible to be a cool parent while both you and your child are young. Especially if you have the Longboard Stroller! If a longboard is a long skateboard, the Longboard Stroller is a longboard with a toddler seat added to the front. Produced by Quinny, this is a fun way to get around with your child, provided they’re over one year old and under 15 kilograms. This longboard even comes with a handle with a handbrake!

The Longboard Stroller puts the safety of the child first. There’s a front bumper installed on the stroller, and there’s a “dead man” brake that stops the longstroller in case you fall down. Of course, you should still provide protection such as helmets to both you and your child. Barring bizarre crashes where you tip over the front, you should then be safe to roll around style, leaving the regular stroller parents eating your dust.

More info: quinny.com | facebook (h/t: boredpanda)

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Check out this sweet ride in full video:

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