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10 Times This Artist Created Realistic Skulls Of Popular Cartoon Characters

Published 4 weeks ago

Filip Hodas, a 3D illustrator from the Czech Republic, developed this bizarre idea of diving into the anatomy of our favorite cartoon characters. Thus, he created some crazy realistic skulls of those characters with the help of his imagination and digital art.

These 3D skulls are anatomically correct, according to Filip. The artist keeps some signature accessories of the characters like glasses, pipes, and hats to make them more recognizable. Moreover, he also adds scientific names to these cartoon characters as if they are put in an exhibition. Check out the crazy exhibit in the gallery below.

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#1 Canaria Tweetea

Image source: hoodass

#2 Canis Goofus

Image source: hoodass

#3 Homunculus Maggus

Image source: hoodass

#4 Homo Popoculis

Image source: hoodass

#5 Spongia Bobæ

Image source: hoodass

#6 Anas Scroogius

Image source: hoodass

#7 Mus Minnius

Image source: hoodass

#8 Homo Arnus

Image source: hoodass

#9 Ursus Yogus

Image source: hoodass

#10 Homo Iratus

Image source: hoodass

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