Smarter way to give your building a life: Waterproofing

Published 8 years ago

Waterproofing is the most important thing that should be done to the house in the early stages of construction. Any type of water clogging or leakage can cause huge damage to the property and can give birth to a lot of insects and mold formation. If you waterproof your house today, it will prevent the damage in future.

Waterproofing is the process that prevents the water from entering into the house by any means like leakage. It helps in keeping the house away from the moisture and humidity making it dry. The reduction in humidity protects the interiors of your house giving your house a long life.

Advantages of Waterproofing:

Controls the growth of insects: Waterproofing reduces the water content in the walls as well as the basement. The reduction in humidity minimizes the fungal and bacterial growth, which in turn lessens the chances of infection in the people living in the house.

Increases property value: The biggest advantage of waterproofingadvantage of waterproofing is that it increases the value of the house. Waterproofing prevents the water from entering the walls thereby stopping the mold growth. Any water leakage can cause harm to the wooden furniture and the walls thereby decreasing its value. As we all know weak foundation reduces the property value, so waterproofing aids to increase the value of your property.

Types of Waterproofing:

Poly Acrylic Chemical Coating Waterproofing:

This is one of the best types of waterproofing method. It involves the preparation of poly acrylic solution that is filled with any crack or breakage in the walls or the roof. It not only serves as a waterproofing base but also keeps the structure strong and robust.

Brick Bet Waterproofing:

This type of waterproofing uses China Mosaic Tiles to seal the cracks and reduce the water leakage. Brick Bet Waterproofing conceals the untidy cracks by covering it with tiles and gives your roof and walls an appealing coverage. The following procedure is followed to undergo bet brick waterproofing:

Cleaning the surface and removing the debris.

Spread water, chemical and cement on the surface where waterproofing is required

Place the China Mosaic Tiles over it and fix them permanently.

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