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Cosmic Rugs For Groovy Interiors By Schönstaub

Published 9 years ago

The popularity of space-themed designs seems to be spreading from the new-age psychedelic designs of the fashion industry to the homes and workspaces of space enthusiasts. Schönstaub, a young design team from Zurich, has a way to bring some cosmos flavor to your home with an effective interior detail – a space-themed rug.

Nadja Stäubli and David Schönen, the two founders and designers of Schönstaub, have three space-themed rug designs to offer, as well as their first collection of two beach and bath towel designs. The space rugs are our favorite, but they’ve also created several other original rug designs that are worth checking out.

More info: | Facebook (h/t: thisisnthappiness)

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