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Photographer Gives Squirrel An Umbrella To Protect Itself From Rain

Published 5 years ago

Squirrels are the cutest tree-borne rodents bar none, and Max Ellis from UK got one to pose with an umbrella! Of course, one doesn’t just send a nut-smelling invitation to a photo-shoot. Ellis tried to entice the furry beasts by hanging the umbrella on fishing line and coating it with peanut butter and sunflower seeds.

Unfortunately, squirrels aren’t entirely fond of rain. ‘I considered building a covered walkway from their tree because I was getting cramp crouching behind the camera.’ Max said to DailyMail. Eventually, one squirrel got interested and came to pose with the umbrella. All in all, Mr. Ellis had about six minutes to take his snappies.

The photos of the umbrella squirrel went into Ellis’ popular series called “Squirrelisimo”. When he’s not taking pictures of tiny furry nut fanatics, he’s working with clients like Lloyds Bank, Penguin Books, Beefeater Gin, Sony PlayStation, and The BBC.

To see some more pictures of squirrel shenanigans, click here!

More info: (h/t: dailymail)

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