Amazing Sculpture Shows Earth As A Toy Of Mother Nature

Published 9 years ago

Some ancient cultures believed that statues helped when beseeching the gods. “The Force of Nature” sculptures can be considered a modern undertaking in that vein. The two versions of the statues come in various sizes and can rise up to 2.5 meters (8.2) feet high, mainly bronze and steel. All iterations depict a mighty woman swinging Earth around her.

“After having seen the ravaged coast of Thailand and the Hurricane that affected the Southern States I decided to create a sculpture dedicated to Mother Nature,” the sculpture’s creator, Lorenzo Quinn, wrote on his website. “This would be reminiscent of the early statues made as peace offerings to the Gods in the hope of quenching their anger.” Born in Mexico, he studied art in New York where he was set to become a surrealist painter. However, he discovered that sculpture was better suited for his creative energies, and now he lives and works in Spain.

More info: | Facebook (h/t: mymodernmet)

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Image source: Lorenzo Quinn


Image source: Sarfraz Abbasi


Image source: Stewart Lacey


Image source: Lorenzo Quinn


Image source: Lorenzo Quinn


Image source: Lorenzo Quinn


Image source: Lorenzo Quinn


Image source: Edmond Terakopian


Image source: ZawWai09

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