Surreal photomanipulations

Published 8 years ago

My name is Monica Carvalho, I grew up in Switzerland and have been living in England for the past 4 years. I am half Swiss half Portuguese. After completing my BA in History of Art with Museum Studies in Leeds, I moved down to London where I am currently undertaking a MA degree in Design for Communication. I created my blog ( a few years ago to share my surreal photomanipulations, which are open to all interpretations!

I own all the photographs used in the photomontages, except from a few space images I took on Google (planet Earth, stars). The people in my photos are mostly me, but also friends and family. I use a lot of photographs I take on holidays and trips :)

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art, collage, digital, photography, photomanipulation, photomontage, photoshop, surreal, surrealism
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